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Testimonials About Extreme Air Queenstown Paragliding and Hang gliding Flight School.

Extreme Air Queenstown paragliding and hang gliding school are based in Queenstown, New Zealand.  We operate out of the Flight Park landing zone at the bottom of Coronet Peak ski field in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Extreme Air Queenstown offer a full range of courses from  introductory days, the full Pg2 pilot rating course, refresher course and tours on demand.

Our address is: 793 Malaghans Rd, Speargrass Flat 9371, New Zealand.

email address: info@extremeair.co.nz


Please check out our student testimonials below. 


Lisa has been my instructor encouraging me in this challenging, invigorating and enjoyable sport.

Lisa is an excellent clear communicator providing safe and thorough instruction. With her vibrant, enthusiastic and friendly manner she is able to instruct each student at their different learning speeds introducing new tasks at appropriate times.

Lisa has also been available for valuable refresh and re-skill sessions.

I have enjoyed learning with Lisa and can heartily recommend her as an instructor. It's a great time.

Dr Daryl Catt


10 day pilot course.

I did the PG2 course with Lisa and John at Coronet Peak in November 2014 and it was an awesome experience.  Lisa has an amazing amount of paragliding knowledge and experience - but just as importantly, she is a natural teacher and communicator.  She seems to have unlimited energy and a genuine enthusiasm for teaching people to fly.

The school really had a great vibe.  

I found that Lisa and John always struck the right balance between learning to fly safely but at the same time encouraging students to develop their skills.  I always felt completely safe but at the same time that I was stretching the boundaries of my comfort zone.  I think that is pretty much the perfect way to learn to fly.  And, also, I liked the way that we spent most of the course actually up in the air flying.  We flew well over the minimum required number of flights and hours.

Lisa and John have also been great since we finished the course.  They have helped me and others on my course find the right gear to buy and have taken an active interest in our development as pilots.  If you want to learn to paraglide I would strongly recommend these guys.

Regards, Richard Scruby


Lisa & John

Flying Mum and Dad!

I am not sure if words can describe my mind blowing experience with you and Extreme Air, but I will try!

I first got the idea when I discovered my fear of heights. I looked on the internet for different flying experiences and found hang gliding and paragliding. To me only world class instructors would do, since my life dependend on them. I found some different schools around the world and decided that Extreme Air would be my first choice. That was almost entirely from the reviews of Lisa Bradley and her instructor skills. What I did not expect though, was how this choice would change my life. 

I have never been so inspired by a teacher before! That together with all her other qualities and the beautiful feeling of flying made me fall in love with the sport. There is so much I would like to say and thank for! Thank you for all the hours you spent on me everyday making it possible for me to learn so much more than I expected. I am baffled with the amount of energy and dedication you put in to your students. It is something rare and beautiful but most; inspiring. 

About the course. What ever you need, however you are and how fast or slow you learn; you are in the best hands and Lisa and John will take care of you! They are thorough experts who make you calm and focused so that you will enjoy your time learning as much as possible. They really make you ready for solo flights and they give so much more than all other schools I have come across. And on top of all this; you make friends for life! 

I still think that words aren't enough to explain how happy I am that I chose Extreme Air!

So what are you waiting for? 

Take the leap with Extreme Air and I might see you in the future!

Erika Staffansdotter


What to learn to fly!

I knew I wanted to learn Paragliding, and I knew I wanted to keep safe while doing it, and that's what I started my search on. After doing a little research, Extreme Air in Queenstown, NZ came back as a very respected company that instructs both Paragliding and Hang gliding. Not knowing anything more than that I showed up and met both John and Lisa and quickly learned that I had made the right choice. Both are extremely knowledgeable and have so much history as both instructors and competitors that they know how to monitor student performance and progress students at their own ability level. After finishing the training and flying next to other companies during their instruction phase, it was clear that John and Lisa pay very close attention to keeping students safe by making the proper student progressions, weather decisions and equipment selections. I was able to see a large gap in both safe decisions and proficiency between the two schools. On top of being very professional and knowledgeable, both were fun to be around and once you are in the Extreme-Air family they will help you progress past your initial training phase. I will be heading back for more instruction on thermaling and cross country flying later this year, and look forward to it. Once you do it you will be hooked!

Larry Shaw


Lisa is one of the best instructors in the country. She is also one of the planet's awesome people. 

She's enthusiastic and positive, high energy, passionate about teaching, and fully focussed on her student. She communicates with clarity and empathy, and tunes into precisely what each student is looking for. She carefully explains the why and how of theory, then follows it with practice, logically building one skill upon another. When happy with competence in that skill set, but not before, she'll move to the next. There are no short cuts, and she's rigorous about safety and technique, but the quality of her instruction makes progress rapid.

I came to Lisa as a shaky novice PG, and came away with feathers smoothed, technique honed and confidence restored. During a week's instruction, on any given day I was only one of several students with different backgrounds learning different things, yet Lisa has an uncanny ability to keep all the balls in the air, so to speak. Some were PG, others HG, some rank beginners, others experienced HG learning PG and vice versa and, at any given moment, someone was launching, several practicing manoeuvres, someone landing and a couple of others doing ground handling or low flights. Lisa had 360 awareness of what each was doing, where they were at, and what instruction was needed, and would switch flawlessly onto your channel with full attention at the right moment. 

Lisa is a highly effective teacher and motivator. She is technically sound, strict on safety and has a professional and business-like approach. She is compassionate and genuinely cares about her students. She is also very sexy, a wonderful person, intelligent, articulate and fun to be around. 

I am not in the habit of writing testimonials but I've got to write this one because Lisa truly comes highly recommended. Lisa's instruction and encouragement is the reason I'm still flying. She is, in short, simply inspirational.

Denis Buckley


Dear Lisa, after completing my training with you i felt i had to contact you and thank you. From the first day your enthusiasm motivated me to succeed and it carried me through the entire course. The attention to details and wide variety of knowledge you have given me has been invaluable during my times flying. I looked at a few schools when i was endeavouring to learn but after chatting to you i knew i had got it right. You've given me the experience and knowledge to make me a safe an confident pilot.  I look forward to you coming back to teach in Queenstown as my wife will be starting training with you. Once again, many thanks and have a great time In Australia.

James Mitchell


I became Lisa's student during my year across New Zealand. When I arrived in Queenstown I saw all these pilots flying over the town and beautiful landscapes and I told myself "looks like paradise, I wanner do the same, where can I learn that?" Pilots in town unanimously told me to go to Lisa's school, so did I, and I don't regret my choice! Lisa is at the same time fun and very professional and passionate for this sport, the atmosphere is relaxed and the explanations are clear (even if I didn't have a great level in English i could understand everything) She also advised me for safe gears I wanted to buy, introduced me to other pilots in town so I can fly with them. You even get the after sale-service ;-)

Kevin J


Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! If it wasn’t for you, I would have had the courage to be able to complete the paragliding course. I really appreciate your support through-out the entire course and afterwards. You are a huge asset to the paragliding community and I feel really lucky you to have had you as my instructor.

I had wanted to learn to fly for a long time, but fear of heights and lack of confidence held me back. I was an extremely nervous student and was terrified to death of doing my first high flight.

Without Lisa's unrelenting patience, support and an ability to inspire confidence, I don't think I would have been able to complete the course and achieve my dream to fly.

Thank you Lisa for being such an incredible person.

Marika Kahle


I decided to learn how to paraglide in the summer of 2008. We chose to learn with Lisa and John based in Queenstown New Zealand  

We were very happy that we chose this place as we had heaps of fun !! We always felt very safe under the supervision of Lisa on the radio and made a steady progression  on what felt like a very safe manor 

The education regarding the weather during the course was an eye opener!! And the way that it was presented to me really suited my learning style.

I always felt safe and in-control with Lisa's guidance, since I have learnt to fly I have recommended 7 of my work colleges to Lisa who have completed their pg2 

Learning paragliding changed my life and allowed me to meet amassing new people with the same passion for flying.  

Thanks to Lisa I am now working as a professional commerce tandem pilot in Interlaken Switzerland  and training Acro for fun in my spare time.

Living the dream!  

Steven Bramfitt


Yo Lisa ...

Having spent time with several paragliding instructors, I find Lisa one of the best, showing great attention to detail. All very important for a novice. I have revisited Lisa's paragliding school several times now in NZ and Australia and shall continue to return for skill improvements. I even trusted Lisa to teach my son too.

Christopher Lavis



Experiences with Lisa & John !

I would like to express a very valuable life experience made all the better with expert tuition. My choice to learn to paraglide with Lisa and John was purely accidental, but it soon became very apparent that I was with the right instructors. The learning curve was adapted to suit all student abilities. The knowledge needed was given at the correct stages of tuition, so as not to overwhelm or confuse, what may at first appear to be daunting exercises. Lisa took all her students under her wing. Firstly with very thorough ground training disciplines. Getting to know your rig and feeling comfortable with it, before getting to higher and steeper grounds.  My first solo flight will be one I will never forget. Two radios strapped close to my ears. Follow instruction, do as you are told and Mum will see you safely to the ground. I really can’t compliment and thank Lisa and John for my time in their school and also the start of my flying career.

Thank you and I can’t wait to be flying again with you soon.

All the best,

Chris Holden


Queenstown is an absolutely fabulous place to learn how to fly and Lisa is one of the most dedicated instructors that I know. The views are stunning and the atmosphere is relaxed and confidence inspiring. You get a real personal and dynamic course with these guys.

Jim Rooney


Lisa- You have such passion for what you do which is essential for any great teacher. It speaks for itself that after completing a day course with you I was back the very next summer for a full PG2 course! I love the hands on ‘straight into it’ approach you have to teaching, you got me doing it all for myself from the start - so motivating and the only way to learn! One of the best things about your teaching is the rapport you build with your students, you make everyone feel so welcome and far more like a friend than a student. After completing 2 day courses and a full course in the past 6 years, I know that your enthusiasm for what you do has not diminished. Every time you teach it’s with 100% energy and commitment to your students and their needs. Thanks again for making my PG2 course one of the best things I have ever done – I definitely hoping to be back for a PG3!

Kelly Walker


Really incredible flying school, probably the best in New Zealand! This school has the most awesome instructors out there, who are very experienced, passionate, lovely and caring people! You wont regret anything with them, I didn't! Had the best time ever while they taught me so much knowledge about how to Hang glide, i really got a lot out of my time here and would go back in a heart beat! Anybody who is slightly interested should definitely go to this flying school! Five star!!

Maya Luna


Not only do Extreme Air teach you to fly amongst the most breathtaking scenery, but their wealth of experience in paragliding and instruction make learning to fly a great pleasure, from day one to beyond being licensed. During my ten day course I met a bunch of like minded people who Ive kept in contact with since. Lisa and John strike you as fun loving, friendly people and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your flying at any stage as you progress

Simon Paterson


I really enjoyed my course with extreme air. Your instructor, Lisa is super friendly and very knowledgeable. Your progression through the course is based on your skills and demonstration of knowledge, and not someone else's predetermined timeline. As a student you are given top priority and will never feel you are being bumped down for tandems because extreme is a school, not a tandem factory- I don't know that anyone else in Queenstown can offer that. I felt I was often challenged to do my best and especially push hard physically during first day (walking up training slope a lot) but I never felt rushed or like progression of learning was too fast for my abilities. Towards the end of my course and with the expertise of the other instructor, John, helping me over the radio, I was able to catch lift from thermals like a Hawke. Tip:buy your instructors snacks or a drink at the end of the day for great local flying knowledge or funny stories. I love all forms of flight, but the air is not our natural domain, if you want to be a pilot of your own paraglider, do it safe, have fun, go with Extreme air. (I am in not affiliated with these guys but I really can't recommend them highly enough.)

Guido Haag


Truly a great experience flying with Lisa and John as instructors. They proved to be very professional in their approach and at the same time caring and concerned with regard to safety and individual learning methods. They are warm,knowledgeable,approachable and caring - "Ideal teachers of the sport". Their flying experiences and skills are truly exceptional Looking forward very much to flying with Lisa and John again, soon.

Giles Andreatta


I learnt to paraglide with Lisa and cannot recommend her highly enough! Lisa has so much knowledge and passion to share, and her joy for flying is infectious and inspiring. Lisa is a natural teacher, she tailors to the individual's confidence and skill level and is always patient and enthusiastic, providing the best flying experience for anybody lucky enough to learn with her. I've been constantly encouraged and supported in my flying, and years after finishing the course I am still receiving advice and tips. It is a real pleasure to be around somebody so brilliant at what they do and just generally awesome. Thanks Lisa!



Amazing experience!! Thanks for a great summer of para-fun ! I've had great flights, discovered some personal skills to work on, but most important I've had a GREAT TIME!!!. lisa/Jonh your combination of guidance skills and flying experience suffused with hospitality is what's making the difference. I'll recommend it for Sure..... Gilson Silverio Queenstown NZ

Gilson Silverio


I first met Lisa in April 2013 having booked into a paragliding course. I got to know Lisa as an enthusiastic and professional instructor. Lisa's instruction in my first flying days was pivotal in fostering my love of the sport. Learning to fly with Lisa was lots of fun, she is very encouraging and I felt safe and confident under her instruction. Lisa is hands on, active and supportive, with a focus on student safety. Her support, goes well beyond the initial paragliding course. Since learning to fly, Lisa has been an important mentor for me. She helped me get in touch with local clubs and provided me with contacts and advice. When it came time to get my Intermediate License Lisa was supportive and helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend her as flight instructor.

Emma Davies


Lisa and John from Extreme Air are great teachers because they are so passionate about the sport. They do a great job of ensuring the safety of students by tailoring training to everyone's individual ability levels. Lisa and Johns enthusiasm inspired me to push myself resulting in an amazing experience, and great flying.

Dan Benn


Wow .. not much more to say about these guys ! Location - Tick .. Like hello its Queens town ! People - Tick.. Accommodating, Willing, Patient, and in 3 minutes your a friend, as a fellow extreme sport instructor, this is THE most important requirement as you put your life in there hands. Equipment - Tick .. Was shiny and looked near new, most importantly, it held my lardyarse in the sky long enough for me to become addicted. In the end, Extreme Air was recommended to me by Australian Paragliding freaks to go learn from the best, and the experience was amazing.

Cameron Thomas


Lisa and John are the best paragliding instructors. After me and my friend found out we need a paragliding license for speedflying in Queenstown, we contacted and checked several schools. Lisa arranged our last moment training for a very good coaching rate and her experience in teaching is visible on the very first moment. Very good safety attitude, nice equipment and good vibes! EXTREME 66 highly recommends! Looking forward to fly with you next time!



If your itching to get into the sky then Lisa & John are the people to get you there! Safe, fun, professional and dedicated, ask anyone in NZ about learning to fly and their names will be first on the list!

Eva S


A very nice place to fly with a stunning view and a huge landing zone. I took the PG2 course in february, and it was the best 10 days i spent in New Zealand. At first i was not sure if paragliding was for me, but just after a few hours of training you will get to fly from a training hill and I loved it. The instructors Lisa and John are very experienced teachers, they'll tailor the training to your level, and you feel very safe while learning it. i got the impression that they love their job wich makes its more fun and easier to learn. The flight park (landing zone) is very nice too, with a good cafe where you can sit and watch all the pilots land. Looking forward to fly with extreme air next time i come to New Zealand

Joachim Leknes


I made a hang gliding cours last summer and Lisa was a very good teacher. I still remember the three importen things you have to think of, during the launching: eyes to the horizon, running through the bar and loose grip :-)

Samuel Theegarten

We flew with Extreme Air in 2013 having met Lisa as an instructor previously. She has been integral to us completing our paragliding course and committing to continuing. She is constantly supportive and encouraging, taking time to assess performance or problems and explain. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn to paraglide safely and with confidence.

Rosie Darwood


Highly recommend Extreme Air Paragliding & Hand gliding school. Lisa instructed my brother and I for our PG1 training. She was a fantastic teacher making the course a very pleasant and safe experience.

Jordan Morria


Amazing teachers that still help you after you've completed your course. Very friendly and easy to talk to with such a welcoming atmosphere. I will definitely be recommending to friends in the future and coming back to do paragliding next.

Regan Richardson

Amazing amazing amazing lisa and john are top notch if you want to learn to fly this is the place to go do it.

Dave Kane


I completed my PG2 rating (paraglider license) with Lisa and loved very minute of it Lisa has an excellent knowledge base coupled with some a strong coaching methods, learning to fly with her was a pleasure J Thanks Extreme Lisa !

Owen Darby


I started my paragliding course with Lisa in Australia and finished the course in NZ with Lisa and John. They have a good eye for detail and technique, plus they explain and coach very well. They made learning safe and fun.

Richard Searle


I had an awesome time learning to fly with Lisa and John! They have years of skill and experience combined with limitless energy. I would recommend them to anyone!

Mike Diment


Great instruction, felt very safe and really enjoyed it. Thanks!

Grant Ski


If you want to learn Paraglidning/Hang gliding - this school is the place to be. Their instructors are highly professional and at the same time they are very friendly and explain all the stuff in detail. The best thing with this school is that they teach you anything you will need to know, and if they can see that you are able to handle it safely, the school let you advance very quickly. In this way I have my first single fly (1300 ft) already on the second day and this experience was definitely one of the best in my life :)

Thor Narvi Krogaard Hansen

I first pursued my dream of learning to paraglide during October 2012 in Manilla, NSW. Whilst completing my license course I was lucky enough to meet and have the very awesome Lisa Bradley as one of my instructors. Lisa and I very quickly became friends and her advice and guidance were invaluable. Being female Lisa understood exactly all the things I struggled with and always had some trick up her sleeve to help me overcome it. Thanks to Lisa’s support and patience I was able to overcome my fears and have achieved my dream of becoming a paraglider pilot!
Soon after achieving my restricted PG license I spent a couple of weeks flying in Queenstown, 
NZ with Lisa and John. During this time they looked after me and I spent lots of time working on invaluable ground handling skills and launches. From this, my confidence grew immensely and since then I have met lots of personal goals of which there are many more to come...
Laura Mansell


My name is Matthijs Groeneveld and I am a former paragliding student at Extreme Air in Queenstown, 
New Zealand. I started my PG2 course in February 2013 where Lisa and John were my instructors. 
I found Lisa’s style of teaching very structured and clear. Where other schools advertised with being in the air after one day, she told me that we would get the basics down within two days, so that there is a solid base to build from. This gave me a lot of confidence for my first solo flight and this was the first part in building the strong level of trust that a student needs to have in their instructors.
We went through every step of the process of learning to be a pilot, speeding up lessons where I was 
picking it up quickly and slowing it down when I was a bit of a slower learner. In this way I have got the feeling that I have gotten most out of my course. 
One of Lisa’s many strengths as a teacher is, in my opinion, the way she can differentiate between different students with mixing capabilities. In this way every student gets the best out of every learning moment. I trusted Lisa and John during my whole course and I thank them for teaching me a great new skillset.
After being signed of I felt ready to explore the air by myself. One of the most important lessons that I learned from Lisa is still coming back to me every so often. This is when I do not trust conditions and decide not to fly. In those instances I always think “Lisa would be proud of me not flying”.
Matthijs Groeneveld

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Lisa and her flight school.
I took PG1 and some of HG1 with Lisa and John at ExtremeAir Queenstown this November
2013. In booking the week, Lisa always responded promptly and with enthusiasm. She offered suggestions as far as timing and location, as well as notes about Queenstown as well. Her friendliness and responsible nature made the school a easy choice.
We caught the very beginning of flying season and spent a full week together running up and
down the hills. Lisa called each morning to follow up about the weather and the activities that
day ­­ she had explained the reasoning and science for all of this when we entered the program!
I started with hanggliding, with set­up and ground training (eyes on the horizon, body through the bar, loose grip), but when she realized we weren’t getting enough wind, she was very flexible in alternating between paragliding and hanggliding.
I felt that Lisa was very good at immediately identifying my habits and weaknesses, and moving at a pace that was both fast and comfortable. I didn’t feel rushed or held back by her or other students. During the weekend, we learned theory as a group with a few other students ­­ a process that Lisa made enjoyable! After taking our exams individually, we ate together as a group of friends. Lisa taught me a lot about aerodynamics, gave me a great workout, guided me in a new and exciting experience, and brought together strangers as friends.
Yuzhou Wang


I learned hang gliding and paragliding at the Extreme Air school in Queenstown New Zealand under Lisa’s instruction in November 2013. I would highly recommend Lisa as an instructor. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. 
My progress was much faster than I expected and at the same time I always felt prepared to take next step and never felt rushed. Lisa always put priority on safety of students making sure that our 
equipment was alright, the weather conditions were good, and we demonstrated sufficient skills to advance to next step.
Additionally Lisa is very knowledgeable in aerodynamics theory and meteorology and can deliver this knowledge to her students in easy to understand way. Even though I have basic knowledge in these subject through my prior pilot training I still felt that I learned something new and useful and at the same time information was consistent with my prior knowledge.
Lisa always encourages students and instills confidence creating pleasant and productive learning experience.
Alex Ognev


I have been flying paragliders for over 20 years and am also a glider and motor glider pilot.
In 2005 I undertook retraining in Paragliders after many years absence and chose ExtremeAir in Queenstown NZ.
The school was very professionally run with all necessary safety precautions and gear needed for safe flying and instruction.
My instructor Lisa Bradley, was not only highly skilled and a one of the best teachers I
have learned under but was also enthusiastic and easygoing, making relearning the skills necessary to safe and competent flying very easy and enjoyable. I would, and have, recommended her highly both to new students and other schools
seeking instructors.
Tim Exley


This is a Reference with regards to Extreme-Air Queenstown.
I have had the pleasure of being In a group of student pilots who have benefited from Lisa's expertise.
She has given Instruction in the theory of flight and in particular with regards to Paragliding
Her knowledge is extensive and she has no trouble in explaing technic or theory to the student or Students as required.
Her calm reassuring friendly manner has given a number of students Including myself enough confidence in their own abilities to further their training and get signed off and achieve the rating of paragliding pilot. She has also shown her self to be aproachable weather or not you happen to be a student to discus or explain any thing in regards to the sport of parragliding or even hanggliding.
Ronald Deweger


New Zealand Paragliding Tour

119 Station Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7TA, United Kingdom


27 November 2013


I am writing to provide a character reference for Lisa Bradley of Extreme Air, Queenstown.

I am a recreational paraglider pilot from the UK who visited Queenstown, NZ, in December 2011 for a guided flying holiday. At that time I had about 33 hours of flying experience, and had been signed out of school (in the UK) on 28/3/2011. While in NZ I had 7 flying days with Lisa and her school. During that time I logged over 12 hours 30mins, which represented at the end over a quarter of my total post-school flying. There were a number of goals in signing up for a holiday by going \back to school". Firstly this was a way to tap into local knowledge about which sites to fly, airspace, conditions and safety, and local flying etiquette (e.g. landing in random paddocks...). It was also an opportunity to consolidate what

I had been originally taught and to learn new techniques under instruction. Conditions in

Queenstown are significantly deferent from the green hillsides of the UK. My experience at that time was predominantly ridge soaring, although I had a few thermic fights. Since then I have logged a total of about 155 hours on PGs, including a number of XC fights up to 50km, and 11,500ft ASL.

Looking back, that week was a significant turning point in my flying. This is due to the tuition I received from Lisa's School. Each day we would select exercises for me to undertake, under instruction. I would combine these with independent recreational flying, as the day developed. I'd fly either alongside students undertaking initial training, or with other more advanced pilots. This worked well, and often I'd be flying in good thermal conditions which would not have been appropriate for students close to day 1 in their training. I was impressed at the way Lisa balanced my needs with those of her other students and clients.

Tasks I worked on included

_ Significant improvements in my ability to thermal fly electively.

_ Exercises on pitch, roll control, and active flying in thermic conditions.

_ Rapid decent techniques, spirals.

I particularly want to mention ground handling. I arrived in NZ really quite nervous still with reverse launches. Lisa's suggestions of modifications to my technique, specifically launching with “As&Cs” rather than “As& breaks” as I was taught, has made all the difference here. I'm sure the flaws in my approach were all too obvious to an experienced instructor, but maintaining cheerful patience for every client is essential. I could not have asked for more encouragement and support from Lisa. I specifically remember a long afternoon on Frankton beach (11/12/11) as the moment when I stopped being fearful of the wing, and started to assert some moderate levels of control.

I was also impressed with the ground school, which we did during the heat of midday when flying would have been too much, or during the evening. I learned a lot from going over this again. I remember this as fun and sociable, but carefully organized and retaining the seriousness of theory to our safety in the air.

My week in Queenstown culminated in my first XC, after a briefing and under supervision.

Getting to +4500ft, to base for the first time, and going cross country is not something I'm going to forget. It was more than a one thermal wonder, and while I didn't get very far (or to goal!) that doesn't matter.

The encouraging environment of Lisa's school made this possible.

Rarely do you meet someone with such enthusiasm for what they teach, or with such obvious care and respect for their clients.

Looking back in my log book after two years has made me realise how useful that week was.

It is such a shame the distance from the UK makes returning to fly with Lisa so difficult. I intend to do so again, and would certainly recommend her school to others.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Christopher Sangwin


Extreme Air Queenstown's address: 793 Malaghans Rd, Speargrass Flat 9371, Queenstown, New Zealand.


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