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10 Day Hang gliding Course (Full pilot license)

Learn To Fly - Novice Course

Extreme Air Queenstown hang gliding school is based in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Learn how to fly in Queenstown with New Zealand’s most experienced female instructor and her experienced team. We operate out of the Flight Park landing zone in Queenstown, at the bottom of Coronet Peak ski field in Queenstown.

Full hang gliding pilot 10 day course:

So you want to fly free like a bird, well this is the course for you. It will change your life for the better. After you have completed all the necessary training and paperwork for your NZHGPA novice license, you will obtain your novice pilots certificate with the knowledge and confidence to fly safely and enjoy the freedom of flight.

You will start with being signed up as a student member to the NZHGPA. Then you will be shown how to set up the hang glider. You will do ground training on flat ground and learn course control and then move onto a small slop to get the feel for glider control as it starts to lift. We will move you at your own pace to build your confidence and skills. We will also cover some flight theory at some point in the day. This will be moved around to make the most of the weather.

The next day you will do more slop training and then you will move onto the training hill and this is where you will start to fly. You will do many flights from the training hill over the novice course.

Our aim is to get you competent with take off's, flying and landing.  When you have mastered this you will be ready to fly from Coronet Peck Mountain, under the supervision of two instructor, that will be on radio with you. You will do many more high flights until the instructor is confident that you have the skills to fly safely and in control. You will need to pass all the NZHGPA practical and thoery to gain your novice license.

Hang gliding is a  weather dependent sport and students will learn at different speeds. Its best to set aside extra days just in case the weather is not on our side.

We opperate with two instructor on high flight to offer you the best instruction and feed back.

Our courses go far beyond the minimum requirements – When you are signed off with a license with Extreme Air you can be sure you have the skill level needed to fly safely and have fun. We also offer refreshers to our former students for free if they haven't flown for a while and need to get their confidence back. Former students just need there own gear.

At Extreme Air we are more than just a school. We really want to get people into this great sport of hang gliding and shair our passion for free flight. We will support you all the way through your flying career.

We prefer you to do this course in a block of 9 days, as students generally progress faster this way, however if you have a problem getting the time off work you can split the course into stages. Theory: combined with the flying, elements of theory will be taught. We conduct the theory lessons in a natural environment, discussing things as they occur, on the hill or in the landing paddock. There is also a necessary element of classroom theory. If you have the opportunity we recommend some pre course reading.

After you have completed all the necessary training and paperwork, you will then obtain your novice pilots certificate with the knowledge and confidence to fly safely and enjoy the freedom of flight. Your instructor will be available for any further advice after your training if required.

Course: 10 days

Cost: $3000- ( most people take 10 days to do the course )

If extra days are needed: NZ$250- per day.

Meeting point : Flight Park Cafe.

Address: 793 Malaghans Rd, Speargrass Flat 9371, New Zealand.


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International Hang Gliding License

This course is part of hang gliding novice course.

The International training course provides an International Pilot Proficiency Identification (IPPI) Hang 2. The IPPI card is accepted in most countries.

HGFA Supervised Pilot Courses 

Capricorn Sky Sports is runung HGFA Supervised Pilot Course in Queenstown under CFI Lisa Bradley. There will be two HGFA instructors on this course. You will also need to join up to the HGFA before starting this course, Lisa will help you with this. Check out course dates below.

Please contact Lisa about theres course on lisa@extremeair.co.nz


2018 Novice Hang gliding Course Dates

All hang gliding course will be held in Australia on the gold Coast this up and coming season.

Please check out http://canungraskysports.com.au for course dates.

(NZHGPA Novice License)  (HGFA Supervised Pilot Course) 10 Day Course

Please email for course dates

Booking is essential. We have limited student numbers. 


*We are also running course on demand.

For more information, please feel free to  contact us.

email: info@extremeair.co.nz

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