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Wellcome to Extreme Air Paragliding School

Extreme Air Queenstown paragliding school is based in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Learn how to fly in Queenstown with one of New Zealand’s most experienced female instructors and her experienced team.

We provide lessons & courses in Queenstown, from intro day courses right through to full pilot licence courses and more. We operate out of the Flight Park landing zone at the bottom of Coronet Peak ski field in Queenstown.

Paragliding is easy to learn - we are running courses continually, from start of Nov to end of March.  So you can start at anytime.  On the first day you will have the experience of flying solo, starting with small glides and quickly building up to high flights.

Whether you just want to experience paragliding once or would like to learn how to fly,  Extreme Air Paragliding offer certified instructional courses with an enthusiastic and a professional approach to paragliding.

Try our days course, or complete a full 10 day course and receive your full PG2 certificate.

The course will commence with your first days on flat ground or on small training hills, where you will learn basic techniques used to control the paraglider.We will cover important thoery associated with flying a paraglider and gain a basic understanding of the weather.

Your training will progress from repetition on the training hills, to ground skimming solo glides, followed by higher flights under the close supervision of your instructor with the use of UHF radios.Further flights are repeated until the student is fully confident and comfortable with all necessary aspects in flying a paraglider

Please understand that each student will learn at their own individual pace and paragliding is a weather dependent sport, so completion times of your course may vary.

You have taken the first step, now is the time for you to change your life. Spread your wings and discover man's long lost dream. Our team would love to share their passion for free flight with you. Enjoy a fun relaxed atmosphere with experienced instructors who will pass on their knowledge at a personal level.

Our courses go far beyond the minimum requirements – When you are signed off with a license with Extreme Air you can be sure you have the skill level needed to fly safely and have fun. We also offer refreshers to our former students for free if they haven't flown for a while and need to get their confidence back. 

Courses we offer:

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Note: All student will need to be a member of the NZHGPA. You will need to go to this site and join up as a student member before any teaching can be conducted. You will need to pay the NZHGPA an extra $25-. 

*All students are charged at $250- a day. This includes all equipment and instruction, this does not include site fees or the HGFA student fee.

Please email a copy to lisa@extremeair.co.nz.

Here is the NZHGPA link to join http://member.nzhgpa.org.nz/join-us


Meeting point : Flight Park Cafe.

Extreme Air Address: 793 Malaghans Rd, Queenstown 9371, New Zealand.

For more information, please feel free to  contact us. email: info@extremeair.co.nz

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