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Beginner Paragliding Course

Paragliding Course PG1  ( 2 Days )

Learn how to fly in Queenstown with one of New Zealand’s most experienced female instructors and her experienced team. We operate out of the Flight Park landing zone at the bottom of Coronet Peak ski field in Queenstown.

PG1 beginner course:

After the day course the PG1 beginner course is great as it gives you a real taste of what the sport is about. Then you can see if paragliding is for you.  It is organized over 2 consecutive days under the supervision of 2 instructors.

The course consists of: - Ground school - Training hill flights - High flights – Theory.

Day one: On the first morning you will learn about your paragliding equipment, how to clip in to the glider and to inflating and run with the glider. This is called ground training.  You will ground train on gentle slopes close to the ground in the morning and you will start to get weightless steps in as your technique get better. In the afternoon you can look forward to solo flights from our training hill.

Day two and three: The next day usually consists of further solo flying, either multiple flights from our training or flights from Coronet Peak which is 3800 ft high. Three or four hours of theory are included during the three days. Your instructors will guide you through every stage of your course. We will progress you at your own pace.

This course will enable you to discover paragliding. At the end of this course you will have your Extreme Air beginner rating and know if paragliding is the sport for you. You may even want to continue on and do your NZHGPA PG2 license course. All days and flight will go towards your PG2 course.

The Queenstown Paragliding School will provide the student with all of the required paragliding equipment during these classes, including gliders, harnesses, radios, and helmets.

Students should bring sturdy footwear. This course delivers an excellent idea of what is involved in paragliding.

Course: 2 days

Allow: 5+ hours a day

Price: NZ$500- (price after the intro day course) 


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*You are charged at $250- a day. This includes all equipment and instruction, this does not include site fees. You also need to join the NZHGPA as a student before starting the course. NZHGPA student fee is $2- and must be paid on the HGFA web page.

*We also run course on demand 7 days a week, 1st November to 30th March.


Course Dates


2017 Paragliding Beginner Course Dates

(NZHGPA PG1 Beginner Course)  

*We also run course on demand 7 days a week,  November to 29th March.


Meeting point : Flight Park Cafe.

Extreme Air Address: 793 Malaghans Rd, Queenstown 9371, New Zealand.

For more information, please feel free to  contact us. email: info@extremeair.co.nz



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