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Instructional Mountain Hang gliding Tandem Flights

Hang gliding tandem Instructional Flights are conducted in Queenstown, New Zealand

Live the Dream! 

What you really want is to soar, like a bird, completely free, wind on your face, spectacular scenery, to break free from the earths grasp. Feel the freedom of free flight today.

Now is your chance!

Come fly with us and experience for yourself the freedom of hang gliding with an experienced NZHGPA & HGFA Instructor. Let us show you why thousands of people have enjoyed these great sport and see the world from a bird’s eye view.

At Extreme Air Queenstown we offer you the instructional tandem hang gliding experience of a lifetime, for many people a dream come true.  Picture yourself gracefully gliding above the scenic mountains of Queenstown, feeling a light breeze on your face whilst you and your instructor soar over the beautiful Wakatipu basin.

No experience is necessary, your Instructor will show you how to fly and control the glider. You will be exposed to the basics of gliding and get to learn firsthand what it takes to become a pilot.

We fly tandem on selected days, depending on weather and the school. All adventure activities have an element of fear, that´s what makes them exciting. Our Instructors are highly skilled professionals licensed from the NZHGPA of New Zealand. They have many years’ experience. We take every precaution to make your flying experience as safe as possible and to give you the best understanding of this great sport.

All students will complete the NZHGPA online trainee membership before any training is started.

Come join us for a Instructional tandem flight. This is a great way to learn how to hang glide or paraglide. Your professional NZHGPA instructor will guide you through the sky.

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.

“Leonardo da Vinci”

This could be a start to a new healthy addiction.


Price: $250-


Note: All student will need to be a member of the NZHGPA. You will need to go to this site and join up as a student member before any teaching can be conducted. You will need to pay the NZHGPA an extra $20-. This is not in the price of the instructional flight.

Please email a copy to lisa@extremeair.co.nz.

Here is the NZHGPA link to join http://member.nzhgpa.org.nz/join-us



We operate 7 days a week. Bookings are essential.

Please email: info@extremeair.co.nz 


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