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Australia Hang gliding Tours

Hang gliding tours are organized from April through until the end of November, when flying conditions are at their best in Queensland. We will pick you up at the Brisbane International Airport. Canungra will be our base for a good half of the tour. We will spend most of our time thermaling and soaring in the Canungra, Beechmont and Mount Tamborine area of the Gold Coast hinterland in South East Queensland of Australia.

Enjoy a fun relaxed atmosphere with 2 experienced HGFA and NZHGPA instructor, who will take you to some of the most spectacular sites in Australia. Australia has some of the best cross country flying in the world. If the weather is bad, we can move to other great flying sites such as, Manilla or Rainbow Beach for some coast flying. We will go where the weather is good for flying.

Pilots of all levels can enjoy this tour, we have an experienced team who will be looking after you and picking the best sites for the day.

Our tour guides are NZHGPA instructors, with years of experience at all of the sites we will be taking you to. Distances average around 20-50km with advanced pilots often clocking up distances of over 70km.

The Extreme Air tour will focus on building skills and cross country flying. Tours include two guides, tent accommodation, all transport. Each tour is limited to 8 pilots. Reserve your spot on the tour while spaces are available.

There will be two guides with New Zealand and Austalian instructor ratings that will help pilots fly safely, higher, further and improve your flying skills.

If you don't want to bring your own hang glider we have gear for hire or sale.


Price Includes:

  • Pilot-Pickup at the Brisbane Airport
  • Transport
  • Assistance on launch
  • Gear Advice
  • Retrieve Driver
  • Task Planning
  • GPS track download and analyzing
  • Breakfast every day


Please click the link to our student detail form.




To reserve a place, we require a $500- deposit. A Bank transfer is the easiest way to move funds.

After you have booked we will send you out a full itinerary, travel details, equipment list, license requirements.

Special tours for smaller groups can be arranged at any time.

Hang gliding Tours Price 12 days: $ 2200-

Needed: Current Novice, higher HGFA rating or NZHGPA novices or higher, international Pro3, Hang Glider, Harness, Parachute, UHF Radio, Helmet, Vario?, GPS, glider (glider rental available) HGFA visitor membership

Also: Pilots will be responsible for any daily HG club fees (if any) that might be incurred while traveling.

Some of the flying sites

Mt. Tamborine

  • Rating: Paragliding - Intermediate; Restricted only if under supervision of Instructor or Club Safety Officer
  • Hang Gliding - Restricted
  • Wind Direction: NW-SW
  • Height: 1916ft/584m ASL
  • CTA: 7500ft


  • Rating: Paragliding, Hang Gliding - Restricted
  • Wind Direction: SE-NE
  • Height: 1738ft/530m ASL
  • CTA: above 6500ft


  • Rating: Paragliding - Restricted, Hang Gliding - Intermediate
  • Wind Direction: SE-S
  • Height: 1730ft/527m ASL
  • CTA: above 6500ft, stepts to 10000ft behind launch
  • Flying Fox
  • Rating: Paragliding - Restricted, Hang Gliding - Intermediate
  • Wind Direction: N-E
  • Height: 1990ft/606m ASL
  • CTA: above 6500ft, steps to 10000ft behind launch


Internationally famous Mt Borah, Manilla Paragliding. Mt Borah is one of Australia's world class flying sites, has vast astro-turfed launches for nearly all directions.

Rainbow Beach/Teewah

World famous Rainbow Beach is less than 1.5 hours north and its undiscovered big brother Teewah Beach is less then 1 hour away from Coolum. Teewah Beach is amazing and offers over 30 kilometres of massive sand dunes ideal for Hang gliding. You can fly all day and land right beside your tent on the beach. Sit around the camp fire and gaze at the millions of stars over the isolated beach, dreaming of the days flying.


Booking is essential. We have limited pilot numbers. 


For more information, please feel free to  contact us. email: info@extremeair.co.nz

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